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Hello Dave,

We spend all our time and resources to release new Rankinity version, which is almost ready.

Here is a screenshot of new version running on mobile phone:

We plan to release new version until the end of this year.


Спасибо за ваше сообщение. Причина неверных позиций была в том, что Google изменил работу поиска, теперь гео-локация задается в отдельных настройках:

Мы уже внесли необходимые изменения в алгоритмы проверки Google. При следующей проверке все позиции должны быть в норме.


Thank you for your idea! We have added this feature to our list and will consider it as soon as we can. At this time our first priority is the release of new Rankinity 2.0:

Hello Ed,

Thank you for your email! 

We have checked our parsing algorithms and  found no errors, all is working fine. United Kingdom location is always specified correctly when we perform a keyword search for your project (100% tested). Starting from October 25 we see significant fluctuations in the Google search results for many projects. It seems that Google update their indexes. It may continue for some time.

Good news: at this time position of your website for the "chesterfield driving instructor" keyword returned to the initial value.


Auto payment disabled for your account.

Hello Ed,

We already have a Bing parser and plan to release it with a new Rankinity v2.0.

Here is a screenshot of a new Rankinity Add Search Engine dialog:

Thank you very much for your patience.

Have a Good day!


Thank you for your help! Your auto payment completed successfully. The problem with auto payments completely solved! Have a Good Day!

Hello Mason,

Our request has been approved by PayPro Global! Now we can perform the auto payment for your account. Please allow us to re-execute your last auto payment.