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Password reset still doesn't work. When I click on the password reset link in my email, the only thing I get to see in my browser is this:

Hi, Today I discovered that my account moved to the new interface. Looking good! 

Found a bug however: I'm unable to see projects from other users that are shared with my account.

Also: the password reset (forgot password) doesn't seem to work. When you click on the link in the email, it returns a blank page with only the Rankinity text/logo.

Any news on a possible launch date?

Are you sure this is fixed? I'm only able to go back to december 2th at the moment for my projects.

The strange thing is, the data is not consistent. On campaign A I can look back to August 28. On Campaign B only back to October 28.

Maybe the problem is you only save 45 data points? So the frequency of tracking determines the period that you can look back in time?

Is the historic data already saved? it seems not. On some campaigns I can only look back about 45 days. I find this kind of frustrating since this data is very important to see the changes on the long term.

Just want to say again that I would love to have more historical data. I would like to be able to compare the rankings of today with the rankings of 6 months ago for example. This would help me to see the improvements I'm making over a longer period of time.
Maybe you can make it an option? "Check this checkbox if you would like to save more data from this campaign." I'm willing to pay more if you can give me more data.

Or something like that. It's not necessary for every campaign. I would love to have the option and be able to decide by myself for every campaign.