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Can you give an update on the progress and launch date?

Great! Love to test it.
When do you plan to release this?
I bet you guys are working non stop to get us 2.0.
Would love to receive some sort of update where you guys are with that.
Is this road map up-to-date?

When do you plan to release 2.0? :))
I can't find it, is it live?
Love to get an update.
is there an overview of what is being build (like Hotjar has)?
Makes it easier forme to keep track on what to expect.
Its a small start :)
Love to see this implemented.
Thanks for the update. Good luck!
Whats the ETA on this?
It's been 4 months.
Would mean a lot if this can be added.

Last blog post is August 12. What is happening?

Is there a changelog of what is added/changed to the application?