Problems : page is not seen in GG SERPS

adrien 6 years ago updated by Rankinity 6 years ago 1


One of my page is ranked number 8 on a keyword in your tool.

Image 320

But I just cannot see it in my browser while seraching on Google...!

Image 321

How is that possible..?

Hello Adrien,

To get keyword rankings we run the search request in the real browser on the micro-server and set the required location and language.

To compare keyword positions correctly you have to do the following:

- Open your browser in the incognito mode.
- Open Google homepage and set corresponding language and location.
- Run the test query in Google simultaneously with Rankinity (one-time check).

But even if you do comparison correctly, keyword positions are not always equal, since Google may use different data centers to return results (depending of the IP address). For example, Google have 9 data centers in the United States. Our queries could be processed in different data centers and we can get different results since the synchronization between data centers is not instant.