Monitoring the second ranker for the same keyword

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Hello everyone! 

I'm new to this forum, nice to meet you. I recently discovered and am enjoying Rankinity. 

I've also created a personal page with the data I need via API and a report that I automatically receive every morning via email...the level of customization possible is really high! 

I need your support for a specific issue. 

I am monitoring a keyword with which my site is displayed on Google with two different links. 

Rankinity automatically gives me the position of the first one, but I need to monitor the second link belonging to my domain, in the second position (compared to the other) with that specific keyword. 

Is it possible? 

Can this value be extracted via API? 

If there isn't a specific function for example, could all the links in the top 100 results be extracted and filtered for those with my domain? 

Thanks for the support!


We have added ability to extract all keyword links via API. Please use this GET request:

GET my.rankinity.com/api/v2/projects/responses.json{?token,project_id,search_engine_id,keyword_id}

After getting all the links, you will be able to find all the links of your domain, as well as the links of your competitors.

Dearest, first of all, thank you for the invaluable support.

With the new link, I managed to extract all the results within the top 100 with a certain keyword, great!

However, I am facing difficulties in extracting among the 100 results those characterized by my domain name.

Do you have specific instructions regarding this matter?

Thank you!

Sorry, let me clarify.

The problem is not so much filtering the results; I've managed to do that.

The main issue is that the arrays extracted with 'responses' produce different values from those extracted with 'ranks'.

For example, once I've extracted link no. 2 among the top 100 with my domain using 'responses', I cannot associate crucial data like 'position', 'position_boost', 'position_best', and 'position_lowest' with that result.

Do you have any suggestions for this?

If the 'responses' call could also include these values, it would be fantastic because it would allow monitoring the performance of URLs ranked in the top 100 but beyond the first one.

Thank you again!

We've added a new option allowing you to filter keyword links, ensuring that you exclusively receive links from your own domain. Simply append &domain=self to your API request to get the required results.

However, at present, we regret to inform you that we lack the capability to incorporate supplementary metadata such as 'position_boost', 'position_best', 'position_lowest' and others into the retrieved links. Regrettably, these elements are not supported within our current database data structures.

I sincerely thank you for the support you are providing. 

Currently, I was using the "responses" call to extract the top 100 results, filter those related to my domain, and place (also) the second result in a table. 

With this method, I also had the position of the second URL, but it clearly involves calls, filters, and complications. 

I tested your new updated call and it does correctly extract the URLs related to my domain. 

However, it does not extract the position data, which makes this extraction useless because I still need to extract the top 100 results and filter them to get an array that also provides the position associated with the second URL related to my domain. 

Therefore, I ask if it would be possible to obtain, along with the URLs related to my domain, also the respective position associated with them. 

So not 'position_boost', 'position_best', 'position_lowest', but just the position. Thank you!

Best regards.