keep history of raw search data for later analysis

Alexey Abolmasov 9 years ago updated by Rankinity 8 years ago 10
Hi guys. You are doing a great job. (btw, login is broken right now and brings to a json "проверьте пароль")

One thing I found a bit awkward is why the newly added competitors wont be analyzed historicalyy. That is probably because you do not keep or reuse historical search data. As storage space is cheap (and people like me are ready to pay for it anyway) it would be great to keep these results in you local metadata format to play around at later stages (like, here, get the historical grow the of a new competitor based on the keyword results you have already queried google with).

Hello Alexey,

Thank you for your fedback! We already have this feature in our task list and plan to implement it in the new Rankinity version 2.0. Storing the ranking data for each link for all time gives a lot of opportunities, and most probably will cost extra money.

Concerning Login page, it currently works fine in all supported browsers. We have just tested it.
If it will not work on your PC again, then please send us a screenshot of your login page with error.
step one
step two
latest chrome on linux
Please try to change you current password to a new one. Click on the "Forgot your password?" link (below the password field) in the "Sign in" dialog and follow the instructions. If the new password will not work again, please let us know.
I do not have an issue with login. I'm logged in already if I am able to post this message.
your system redirects to a bunch of raw json if the password is wrong, instead of showing an on screen message. a bug on your side.
Our support forum is powered by UserEcho. We have sent a request with this bug description to them, and waiting for reply. Thanks for help!

Is the historic data already saved? it seems not. On some campaigns I can only look back about 45 days. I find this kind of frustrating since this data is very important to see the changes on the long term.

The strange thing is, the data is not consistent. On campaign A I can look back to August 28. On Campaign B only back to October 28.

Maybe the problem is you only save 45 data points? So the frequency of tracking determines the period that you can look back in time?

Thank you for your message! We have found a bug in the historical data saving and already fixed it. Now the ranking data must be saved properly. Unfortunately, the data for the earlier dates has lost.

Are you sure this is fixed? I'm only able to go back to december 2th at the moment for my projects.


In the current implementation Rankinity allows to store 100 points of ranking history (about 3+ months). We tried to store more points, but in the current architecture we had problems with speed of work. The more history points - less speed of work. We decided not to change our current system, and fully concentrated on the new version (with unlimited ranking history).