How do you get a ranking report for previous dates? Can't see any option except to get a report for today

Tom McSherry 10 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 13
As the title says. Can't get a ranking report for anything except today. I want a report from when I started the campaign.
Under review
Ranking reports for previous dates are not supported, yet. Sorry. This feature is already in our task list and willl be implemented as soon as possible.
Yes, this would be a nice feature. It would also be nice if you would be able to export the data in a .csv file for that previous date.
I'm also waiting for this useful feature.
it's over a year now and it's not yet done? We badly need this.
Sorry for the delay with answer. This feature is already implemented. You can generate Excel reports from the Positions section in your dashboard. Historical data is presented on the separate worksheet. In the report you can see the position history by all keywords and by all competitors on the single worksheet. We save 30 dates of the keyword checks. So, if you check keywords every day, then you will have historical data for 30 days. If you check keywords once per 10 days, then you will have historical data for 30 * 10 = 300 days back.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
I would love it if you would save more data. For example to make it possible to export the rankingdata over the past two years to be able to show a client how their rankings improved over time.
More historical data requires more storage space on our servers. We will expand the storage limits when it will be possible.
Maybe you can make it an option? "Check this checkbox if you would like to save more data from this campaign." I'm willing to pay more if you can give me more data.

Or something like that. It's not necessary for every campaign. I would love to have the option and be able to decide by myself for every campaign.
Just want to say again that I would love to have more historical data. I would like to be able to compare the rankings of today with the rankings of 6 months ago for example. This would help me to see the improvements I'm making over a longer period of time.
Thanks for your feedback! We need time to implement full support of navigation by historical data. If all will be OK, you will be able to view all historical data on the single graph and compare positions for any dates. Please review our roadmap here.


Now in the new Rankinity version you can view all historical ranking data:

Also you can export historical ranking data into the Excel report:

Excel worksheet fragment: