Sort on search volume (per country)

Mike van Hoenselaar 10 years ago updated by Rankinity 6 years ago 16
I like to sort all of the keywords of a project by search volume of the search engine I have set.
So I can see what my most valuable keywords are that are doing well and which are not.

This is relevant eEspecially when I import keywords from GWT. Which we did :).
Then you have a lot of keywords in there that are not relevant enough to keep track of.
Deleting keywords based on search volume is great to make sure you only keep track of your most valuable keywords :).
This is one of the most requested feature. We already added it to our task list. Thank you for your feedback!
This task is in progress ... about 75% already done :)
Whats the ETA on this?
It's been 4 months.
Would mean a lot if this can be added.

Last blog post is August 12. What is happening?

Is there a changelog of what is added/changed to the application?

New features are added, but not so quickly as we want. A lot of tasks has started but not finished, yet. Google recently updated the interface of Google Places, added captcha to the Google Places search and significantly changed the structure of the local search results. We are forced to completely change our technology stack to solve this problem. The work is in progress...
Thanks for the update. Good luck!
Current status of this task is "in progress". Please review our roadmap here: http://support.rankinity.com/topic/759846-rankinity-roadmap/
Any update on search volume of keyword?
Yes, the Search Volume parsing is almost done and will be released in the next 2-3 weeks.
I can't find it, is it live?
Love to get an update.
Sorry for the long delay with updates... This feature currently works in our internal version only. We can't make it public right now, because we spend all our time and resources on developing a completely new Rankinity version (from scratch). It will be a new service with completely new design. First screenshots will be published next month.
Great! Love to test it.
When do you plan to release this?

Soo... This feature is still not available?

From some time Google started to group keywords and display imprecise Search Volume data (using intervals 100-1000, 1000-10000, etc) in the Keyword Planner. We can't provide such data to our customers, since it is useless in most cases. Due to this reason, Search Volume analysis will not be added in the next release. Sorry.