View keywords where a specific URL is being found on

Mike van Hoenselaar 9 years ago updated by Rankinity 4 years ago 7
We would like to have to click on a link or URL and see for which keywords + rankings the URL is being found on.
So we can view which keywords are relevant per URL.
Hopefully it's clear what we want :).
Thanks for the feedback! Good idea! We have added this feature to our list.

In the current implementation you can select a group in the Links section and view all links relevant to this group of keywords.
Its a small start :)
Love to see this implemented.
is there an overview of what is being build (like Hotjar has)?
Makes it easier forme to keep track on what to expect.
A lot of new features are currently in development and almost ready. But, to be honest, we have a big problems with integration of the new features into our code.

We use EmberJS as a main framework in our frontend implementation. Few months ago developers of this popular framework started to change its ideology, and now it has completely new architecture based on the web components. But almost all our code is written in MVC (model-view-controller) architecture.

So, we cannot easily integrate new technologies into the old code. Plus, some new features require significant changes and upgrades in our database infrastructure. On the yesterday meeting we decided to rewrite our code from scratch and release new Rankinity v2.0 with new interface (based on the material design specs) and with new "killer features". The development time and the full list of new features are not yet agreed.

During last months we fixed bugs, improved stability of the system and added function of exporting all projects. News about new Rankinity version and other news we plan to publish in our social accounts and in our blog. We do recommend you to subscribe.

PS. Would you please give us a direct link or a screenshot of Hotjar service, where they publish overviews of their updates.
Thank you very much for the provided link! We decided to write our roadmap for the nearest future. Please review it here: http://support.rankinity.com/topic/759846-rankinity-roadmap/

Hello Mike,

We have released a new Rankinity update and now you can see all keywords + rankings for each link from SERP. 

If you enable the corresponding add-ons in the Project Settings (as shown below), 

you will be able to view the following data (after the next keyword check):

  • A complete list of unique links by your keywords in any Search Engine.
  • Visibility history for each link by all keywords and by groups.
  • Visible keywords with position history for each link.
  • All blogs, forums, files and social resources from the SERP.
  • Site map for all SERP domains and competitors.

We recommend you to test the Links Analysis features on the project with added competitors and groups to get the maximum of the SERP data.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.