Complex analysis of meta-data in search results

Rankinity 11 years ago 0

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In order to increase the quality of their work search engines become to put special attention to meta-data in search results.

For instance, Google search results often display tags and graphical images pointing at the authorship, news or discussion for a given keyword. Not to mention search results containing video, maps and files.

Filtration and separate analysis of search result meta-data opens up new possibilities for active promotion of your projects. For example, you can quickly find all bloggers visible in search results for a certain group of keywords or discussions where competing projects are at issue. By clicking links with meta-data you can make a guest post or add a comment to the discussion mentioning your project.

Various view modes of search results meta-data, filtering, sorting and quick search will make this section an irreplaceable instrument in your routine work.

We will be glad to hear your suggestions and ideas regarding the functionality of this section.