import keyword from cvs with weight and group

Davide Massussi 9 years ago updated by Rankinity 9 years ago 4
would be very time saving the ability to import a cvs with all keywords, weight and keyword groups. when I work on kw selection basically I'm doing the same thing on my spreadsheet, and it is a real waste of time to do it again manually inside rankinity
Hello David,

Thank you for your feedback! We have added this feature to our task list and plan to release it in the new Rankinity version 2.0.
When do you plan to release 2.0? :))
We can say that we are working full time. Here is our progress:

- Search Volume parsing from the Google Keyword Planner and Yandex WordStat (95% done).
- New crawling and parsing technologies based on the latest version of ChromeDriver (95% done).
- New parsing features: ability to analyze News, Video, Maps, Images, Ratings and Comments in the search results. (95% done).
- New interface design (30% done).
- New Backend and Database infrastructure (50% done). <- This is our main task currently.

First interface screenshots will be published soon (we hope )).