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Overview of all websites

Rajkumar P 10 years ago updated by Rankinity 10 years ago 3
At present, for each domain, I have to create a new project. So, lets say I have 5 projects, I have to jump between projects to see the rankings.

Please show an overview of all keywords (from all projects) under one roof. 
Under review
Hi Raj,

If we display all keywords from all projects on the single page, we also have to display all groups, Search Engines, competitors and other data from each project on that page. We suppose, that it will be very hard to analyze all that data on
only one page.

Currently, you can see the Visibility value and its change for each project on the "Projects" page. So, you can quickly view the general state of each project. And if the Visibility for one project significantly changed, you will enter it and analyze keyword positions. For other projects with a stable Visibility you will not spend time for keyword analyzis and will
not enter them.

If you have one domain with different geo-settings, then you don't need to create separate projects for each location. You can simply add several Search Engines with different geo-settings in the single project.
What could be possible is more of a dashboard instead of the Projects view.
To get a glance of what is happenings throughout your projects.

I don't need it right away for now, but that could change when I see the design and the value of the new view :).
We plan to add a separate section where you will be able to view the most important project notifications. For example:

[01.09.2014 15:30]  Project X visibility decreased by 5% percents in Google US search engine.
[01.09.2014 15:40]  Visibility of Y competitor in Project X increased by 7% percents in Google UK search engine.

It will help to find projects that require your attention in the first place. What do you think about this feature?