Visibility explained

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Could you provide us the visibility formula because, personally, I don't see what else could influence it as long as SERPs are accurate. 

Website visibility value calculated as follows:

Visiblity = 101 – SUM(Pi * Wi) / SUM(Wi)

Pi - position of the i-th keyword. 
Wi - weight of the i-th keyword.

Maximal weight = 1
Average weight = 0,5
Minimal weight = 0,1
Zero weight = 0 (Keywords with a zero weight are not used in this formula)

Some keywords are more important than others, and you can tell Rankinity which ones you value higher. By assigning weight to keywords you can define to what extent it should influence the overall visibility of the website. Low-weighted words put less effect on visibility, while high-weighted keywords do the opposite. This option is especially convenient in analysis of long-tail keywords, which usually bring not that much traffic comparing to short-tail ones, and correspondingly have lower weight and value.

Ok, thanks, I got the formula. What I don't understand is why would you insert Average and Minimal constants, this induces me in error.
What I get is a fake visibility as long as you multiply my real position in SERP by .5 or .1, something which lowers my positioning.. Still don't get the role of the two constants, but this can be me.

The two constants would only make sense for you, as ranking tool, telling me - say - what is the competition for a specific keyword (Like Google's Keyword planner), not asking me to assign a weight because all I want is to find out the highest potential (maximal weight in your case) of every keyword, including the secondary ones (and then I may adjust them).

Also, I want to draw the attention on Pi variable, namely that it currently represents the arithmetical average position of keywords, when it should represent the weighted average, this would be the right formula in my opinion. 
Thank you for your reply! Let's try to clarify the Visibility formula once again.

Average and minimal weights (0,5 and 0,1 values) do not simply decrease website visibility. In some cases they can decrease the Visibility value, but in other cases they can increase it (depending on the keywords positions and assigned weights). In general, greater weight have greater effect on the Visibility (in the positive direction as well as in the negative direction).

As usually, the average weight can be used for the mid-tail keywords (with a higher traffic)
and the minimal weight for the long-tail keywords (with a lower traffic).

We assume that the user already done keyword research, using the tools like Google Keyword Planner, and estimated the traffic value for each keyword. We cannot simply import data from the Google Keyword Planner to show keyword competition, since users usually use many different tools/services/methods to estimate keyword traffic (or competition). So, after the custom traffic evaluation you can assign the corresponding weight for each keyword manually in Rankinity.

Concerning Pi variable, it represents the current position of the i-th keyword. And the Visibility
formula represents the weighted average position by all keywords, expressed in a percentage.
Please correct me if I misunderstand your vision of the right formula.