When defining group what does the URL field do

Ryan OMara 9 years ago updated by Rankinity 9 years ago 1
I entered a number of keywords and group them in to a keyword category and entered a URL.  Do the reports only track against the keywords against this URL?

I would like to have the possibility to track any of my site's SERP entries for any keyword of my keywords regardless of group URL.  This would allow me to find unintended Hot pages.  

Do have to enter all of my keywords again in another project to do this?
Hello Ryan,

We always scan all 100 links in the search results and find the positions of all pages that belong to your website. You don't need to create additional projects to monitor positions of all pages.

If you created a group of keywords and assigned a target URL for this group, then on the "Positions" page you will see a special label near each keyword of the group that indicates the status of the target URL.

"Target page wins" status means that the target page has higher position than other visible pages and the displayed position is the position of the target page. "Target page loses" status means that the target page has lower position than other visible pages of your site.

You can also click on any keyword and use the "Pages" filter to see all visible pages, their positions and the change of the positions.