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Not showing ranking for organic local results

Daniela 10 years ago updated by Rankinity 10 years ago 3
Rankinity seems to have a problem with detecting ranking for pages listed in the organic local results. 

Is this a bug, or do you provide different options for search engines that I am not aware of ?
Under review
Hi Daniela,

Would you please tell us the project name that has problems with detecting rankings in the organic local results. To monitor positions in Google organic search you have to add Google Search Engine and set specific country, city and language for this Search Engine. There are no additional settings. Please let us know also about keywords that do not match the real positions.

Thank you in advance.

I've posted some of my examples in a private message. Thanks for the quick reply, hope this will be solved soon.


We have received your message. As soon as we check all keywords, I will let you know. Thank you for your cooperation.