competitor rankings not appear

Riverson 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 2
Hi there!

I've added a competitor, automatically the checking of the rankings started. But the status is still 'checking...' And this after a few hours :S I allready deleted the competitor and added it again, but still it says 'checking...' No rankings appears!

Is this a bug? Or did I forgot something to do? Thanks for replying!


Your website rankings and competitor rankings are checked together. So, if you added competitor when all keywords were already checked, rankings for this competitor will be checked only on the next checking cycle. Or you can run a one-time check for keywords (by clicking Check button in the general project settings) and all rankings will be rechecked for all competitors and for your website immediately.
Hi, thanks for replying!

Now it's clear, after the one-time check for keywords the were checked :)

Many thanks, also my compliments for the nice web-based tool! Keep up the good work!