Number one in Google not shown in report

Cravenplan 10 years ago updated by Rankinity 10 years ago 1
Love the simple layout

Unfortunately of four keywords I've entered (three of which come top in Google) only one shows at number one in your results.  The others all showed as >100 (one has suddenly changed to show the correct position)

If this is going to be a useful resource I need to be able to rely on the reports

Dear Chris,

We see that three keywords in your project have the number one position and the fourth keyword is placed on the position number six. Positions by all keywords are shown as < 100.

To compare keyword positions correctly you have to do the following:

- Open your browser in the incognito mode.
- Run the test query in Google simultaneously with Rankinity (one-time check).

But even if you do comparison correctly, keyword positions are not always equal. Sometimes Google can change its output for one keyword several times in one minute. It seems that they perform an A/B testing for the search results. During our tests we saw two significantly different variants of search results for a single keyword. And these results may switch multiple times within one minute.