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Daily report per E-Mail

Jos Jonkeren 10 years ago updated by Rankinity 10 years ago 13

Wonderful tool!!
Is is possible to receive a daily "ranking report" per e-mail, with graphs?
Thank you for your appreciation! We are currently working on the report customization feature and will respect your wishes concerning graphs and daily report generation. Would you please answer the following questions:

- Would you like to see graphs and ranking data for competitors in the report?
- Would you like to specify other users' emails for the report sending?
Hi; thank you.

I would like to see one report (one e-mail) with a summary of the latest rankings for all my domains "Projects". 

I have made a quick mockup of how this would look, ideally.
You get the idea. Just show the basic numbers and graph.
And only one competitor (the highest ranking one).


Image 2
Advanced reporting options would be really nice:

  • White label reports in PDF per project
  • Auto mail a PDF report to a client each month to see the changes in rankings compared to the last six months.
  • Be able to specify if you would like to see the changes in the ranking reports per day, week, month, or custom.
  • Compare the visibility in a graph of you website and 5 competitors per group of keywords (6 different lines in one graph).

Under review
Thank you for your feedback! We plan a lot of new fetures in the near future and will take into accout your recommendations.
I am with H above.  Advanced White Label pdf reports that we can set up to go out to our clients is the big thing we would like.  How long will it take for this feature to become active as I am going to have to get another service if it is not soon.  :(  Jeannie 
We understand that advanced reporting features are very important and we plan to implement them. But, unfortunately, we cannot tell the exact release date of all above features. Before the advanced reporting features we have to implement a super flexible checking intervals. So, you will be able to schedule keywords checking and set any date and time for the checking intervals. When we finish this task, our backend will be ready for any customization in reports.
Would love this as well.

In best case scenario I would like to select specific keywords for a separate section in the monthly e-mail.
To see what they did. Clients keep thinking in specific keyword sets.

keyword         current ranking         ranking last week         ranking last month
keyword 1                2                              3                                 6
keyword 2                4                              3                                 7

I also would like to have alerts when keywords rise or drop 20% in rankings.
I would even want to pay extra for this :).

Relation with competition would be great as well.
Next step is collect new pages on site with keyword and new links ;-).

Agree with Mike, this kind of advanced reporting would be realy useful!
"What the clients really need in ranking reports?" - we dicussed this question in our team many times and come to the following thoughts:

  1. Ranking reports must be small. Reason: clients don't want to receive super detailed information for each keyword all the time if the website visibility is high and stable.
  2. Ranking reports must be big. Reason: If website visibility quickly goes up or down, clients want to know as much information as possible to get the full picture.

We have a contradiction. To solve it, we added Companies section to our service. Now you can do the following:

  • Create new company that allows to customize (white label) the control panel using your brand name, logos and domain.
  • Create project for your client and assign it to your company.
  • Configure the project by adding search engines, keywords, etc.
  • Invite your client to this project with read-only rights (collaborators section).
So, what we have:

  • Your clients will automatically receive brief weekly reports (white labeled) containing only website visibility information and a link to the project.
  • If clients see that website visibility significantly changed they can click on the link in the report and get full ranking information (white labeled) with ability to filter, sort and search keywords.
  • Plus, clients can view their rankings at any day and time they want. They can simply open their project and view the current state of affairs.
Please let us know if this functionality can suit your needs.

Concerning question about alerts when keywords rise or drop 20% in rankings. From our point of view the main factor that prompts to take action to review the current promotion strategy is the website visibility value (not keywords positions). Google may significantly change positions for some keywords and then return them back very often and we will get a lot of false alarms if we set keyword alerts. To avoid this, we can consider the implementation of alerts when the website visibility significantly changes. But we need time to think over this feature.

And the last question concerning collection of new pages on site with keyword and new links. You can try to do that right now in the Links section. In this section you can find new website pages, which became visible by your keywords. Enter the site address in the search box and set "New links" filter and see the results. To learn more about link section, please read this article: http://blog.rankinity.com/analyzing-search-engine-results-in-rankinity/
I agree with Rankinity on the keyword rise/drop notifications. This will generate a lot of notification, since rank checkers are vulnerable to measurement errors. 
H12345, thank you for your feedback. Concerning our topic, we have written an article about cooperative work and reporting in Rankinity. Hope it will help to better understand our vision: http://blog.rankinity.com/cooperative-work-in-rankinity Should you have any questions, comments or ideas, please feel free to write us.
As an SEO specialist working with the "best" or most "expensive" tools in the market (depends how you define this) I can maybe give you some tips :-)

Report features

A. Mandatory

  • Option to choose format or report attachements  in a PDF, Excell, CSV
  • A schedule function is really important, first of every month , every monday, ...
B. Nice to have
  • add custom logo with for examples branded custom templates
  • choose the fiels you want to add searcht term, tag, group, week day or month ranking, url, ...
  • how everything ordered? ascending, descending, 
General Requests
Besides that I have another great feature that no other ranking tools have. You should definitely add multiple URLS tracking. For some companies it's important to track a facebook page, twitter page, mini-website, or other owned media. It's important that you try to own the search results on for example brand terms.
Universal search tracking en multiple URL tracking, it should be great if you know that the ranking is a video, an image, a google maps, rich snippet or other universal result. Most tracking tools show you if there are unicersal search results, and if yours is a video, image or not. Today you would think that a top 1 position is great, but a top 1 with an image isn't a high traffic earning position. If you rank with multiple urls for the same keyword, this would be nice to see.

Please keep up the good work
Thank you very much for all your recommendations! We take into account all new ideas.

Some features are already implemented. All columns in the keyword table are sortable, you can sort keywords by name, position, change of position or by date of check. Custom logos can be added to dashboard and weekly reports right now - just create company in the Companies section and upload your logos. Please read this article to learn more about White Label feature. To monitor Facebook page, Twitter page or any other page you can create a separate project and set required URL as a website address.