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Dear Clients and Partners,

We plan to develop a new version of Rankinity with new architecture, design and features (based on the big data technologies). In the new version you will be able to analyze rankings, SERP, competitors, and links on the new level. We know that it is a very ambitious task and it requires a lot of resources and time. But, please rest assured, we will do all our best to implement new features within a reasonable time.

Here is our approximate roadmap (please bear in mind, these tasks and priorities may change over time):


  • New dispatcher with dynamic load balancing (done).
  • New database structure with ability store more ranking data (done).
  • Ability to track unlimited number of competitors (done).
  • Ability to track unlimited number of Search Engines (done).
  • HTTPS support for my.rankinity.com and for White Labels (done).


  • New interface implementation based on the web components (done).
  • New interface design based on the material design specs (done).
  • Mobile version of the Rankinity dashboard (done).

Features (with high priority)

  • Ability to add keywords to multiple groups (done).
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly keyword checking intervals (done).
  • One-time check for certain keywords (done).
  • View full ranking history on graph (for all dates) (done).
  • Ability to compare keyword positions for any date.
  • Ability to compare website visibility with competitors on the single graph.

Thank You for Your support!

I bet you guys are working non stop to get us 2.0.
Would love to receive some sort of update where you guys are with that.
Is this road map up-to-date?


New Projects section screenshot:

In the new interface, the project cards will contain:

  • website screenshot,
  • project URL and name,
  • visibility value for each Search Engine,
  • and the visibility graph (NEW).

The "Add project" button is now made as a circled plus icon floating above the UI.


We are testing a new Rankinity reports section:

Will you be able to add a friendly PDF export in this big update? It would be a great addition and the reason to come back to you as a client :).

Thanks for the positive comment, we will consider how best to implement this feature.


Can you give an update on the progress and launch date?


Currently, we can say that we are working full time on the new version and very satisfied with our results. But we cannot tell the release date, since it depends on many factors. We will do all our best to release new version as soon as possible. New screenshots will comming soon.

looking forward to your new release, any new sreenshots?


A new Sign in / Sign up dialog will have a mobile-friendly design:



We have good news! New Rankinity 2.0 will work on any device.

You don't need to install special apps for MacOS or Android.

Here is the example of a new Billing page opened in iPad:

and the same Billing page opened in iPhone 5:

Any news on a possible launch date?

We plan to release a working version at September 1st.


Will there be a possibility to check different rankings for destkop and mobile search?

Yes, this feature will be available, but not in the earliest release. Most likely Bing and Mobile rank tracking will be released in the 2.1 version.


Dear Clients,

We are glad to inform you that we are currently testing a working version of Rankinity 2.0 on different devices.

It works very good and we like it, but it is not ready for the public testing, yet!. Here is the latest screenshot of the Project page (opened on iPad):

Meet the improved Projects section! Instead of page screenshots we now extract website logos (automatically).

Example with 3 real projects:


Looking forward to an update. Is there already a better prognose to when all of this will be live? We are so exited to try it out.

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your support! We already have a working alfa version on our private servers. But we need to fix all bugs and optimize the speed of work before public release (it is about 15-20 tasks in our PivotalTracker list). New screenshots and video will be published soon. :)

Screenshot of the new Sign Up dialog:


Месяц прошел с последнего скриншота.... ребята когда?

We are currently preparing a production infrastructure and writing a deployment scripts. New screenshots (or video) will be made from the new version working on the production servers (not local). During this process we are also fixing remaining bugs and solving other related tasks. In general all is going good!

Hello Everybody,

We are glad to show you a new video about creating project in new Rankinity:

Looking forward to see this update, do you have a date when it will be rolled out?

New Rankinity implemented as a Progressive Web Application. So, it will work on all devices, mobile and desktop. At this time we have a good results for desktop, but on mobile browsers there are some problems. We plan to release new version when all bugs on mobile platforms will be fixed.

Dear Friends,

In this short video you can evaluate the interface of the new Keywords section:


The development and testing of the new Rankinity version is almost finished and we are starting transfer of accounts from current Rankinity version into the new one. All process may take month or even more. The speed of keyword checking will be lower than usual in both versions until we finish transfer. If you would like to be transferred in the first place, please notify us via this form: https://rankinity.com/contacts

Hi, Today I discovered that my account moved to the new interface. Looking good! 

Found a bug however: I'm unable to see projects from other users that are shared with my account.

Also: the password reset (forgot password) doesn't seem to work. When you click on the link in the email, it returns a blank page with only the Rankinity text/logo.


Thank you for the positive feedback! 

>> Found a bug however: I'm unable to see projects from other users that are shared with my account.

We confirm, some user relations were not imported correctly. Would you please ask your colleagues to share access with your account again.

>> Also: the password reset (forgot password) doesn't seem to work.

It should work now, please check.

Password reset still doesn't work. When I click on the password reset link in my email, the only thing I get to see in my browser is this:

Please let us know about your browser name and version.

Your service doesnt work for already one week. Will you fix the issue or can I get a refund?

Hello Jesse,

We have transfered your account into the new Rankinity version: https://new.rankinity.com/users/sign_in

Please sign in using your current login and password.

I have another account. Email: custom.service724@gmail.com please transfer it. Thanks.


I am building rankinity portal with rankinity apis and facing in issue in graphs.

I am getting position data but is there any way I can get starting and end dates of graph that is showing.

Please suggest,


All history of dates and positions are stored in the position_history field.


  "items": [
      "id": "5a47d9fc6b170b766c7b9816",
      "created_at": "2017-09-01T12:19:48.000-05:00",
      "keyword_name": "keyword 1",
      "keyword_weight": 1,
      "position": 101,
      "position_boost": 0,
      "position_updated_at": "2017-12-25T02:20:28.000-06:00",
      "position_best": 87,
      "position_best_updated_at": "2017-10-22T12:19:48.000-05:00",
      "position_lowest": 98,
      "position_lowest_updated_at": "2017-09-14T12:19:48.000-05:00",
      "group_ids": [
      "groups": [
        "Group 1"
      "position_history": [
        [0, 92],
        [1, 87],
        [2, 99],
        [3, 98]

The first values in the position_history arrays 0, 1, 2, 3 represent the number of days after the keyword creation date created_at. The second values 92, 87, 99, 98 represent position values. We use these values to draw the graphs. 

Please let us know if you will need further help.