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This section is proposed to discuss the service API. If you have any questions or suggestions about the Rankinity API, please write us. API description available here: http://my.rankinity.com/api.en
I don't have very much experience with using an API. Is it possible to just copy and paste an API url in my browser and get results? For example pasting: http://my.rankinity.com/api/v1/projects?token=049d62336ad1dc050e78484733d57af2 (and replace the token with my own token, this URL will result in a 403 error) and see the list of all user projects in my browser? Or 'should' this work, since I'm getting a empty page as a result.
Under review
We have modified the API queries. Now the type of the response is specified in the request. By default all API results are in the JSON format. To test API you can run API requests in your browser (with replaced token).
Thnx, it (allmost) works now! :-) Minor problem: with my api code I get the results of some other user.

Refreshing my token fixed this issue. However, I am still able to see the data from the other user using my old token.

Keyword groups: show results
Projects: shows results
Rankings: does not show results
Thank you very much for your help! We have fixed the bug with tokens and added $ 5 to your account as a reward. Should any other questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact us.
About this API.

Please tell me how to get the link url for the keyword. I can see it on generated report, but I can't get it by API.

for example:
 keyword: battleheart legacy wki
 link url: http://gamewiki.tokyo/battleheartlegacy/index.php?...
We have added the "Page" variable to the responce. It contains the link url for the given keyword.
Oh! nice! I got it. Thanks a lot!
Please tell me how to get the list of ranks about competitors.
We are working on this feature. It will be available soon. 
How's it going?
If this feature is added then I will recommend this service at meeting in our company.
We have just added this feature! Now you can get a list of ranks for any competitor in your project. Please open this link http://my.rankinity.com/api.en#main-functions-list-of-competitors to get help information.
Wonderful !! I can get the list of ranks about competitors.
I got competitors's id by "LIST OF COMPETITORS" API, then I used "LIST OF RANKS" API with competitors's id as project id.
I will recommend this service at meeting in our company !
Thank you very much!!
Please tell me about queries per second of this API. (QPS)
We did not measure the QPS of the API, since our servers are powerful enough for the general scenarios of API usage. But if you have any special requirements or if have problems with API usage, please let us know.
Thank you for your quick reply.

I got "502 Bad Gateway" when I was calling ranks API by 1 QPS. It was a 51 th call.
1st. projects API
2nd. competitors API
3rd. keywords API
4th. to 51th. ranks API

I understand that this problem is not QPS issue.

This is the keyword matching problem when calling LIST OF RANKS API with paramerer "search" for keyword.

When there are many keywords on the project.
keyword 1: "wordA"
keyword 2: "wordA wordB"
keyword 3: "wordA wordC"
keyword 4: "wordA wordD"
keyword 5: "wordA wordE"
keyword 1000: "wordA wordZZZ"

The API http://my.rankinity.com/api/v1/projects/***/search_engines/***/ranks.json?token=***&search=wordA is try to return the result about keyword 1 to keyword 1000. It is too many to return the result. The API searches the keyword as partial matching.

Please tell me how to set perfect matching to search the keyword.

Thank you for the detailed information! We have optimized the API algorithms and now all your API requests should work correctly. Please let us know if you will need further help.
Thank you very much !! It works well !!
Is it possible to get competitor rank position by keyword using API request?
It is possible. You can set competitor id as a project id on LIST OF RANKS API. You can get the competitor id by LIST OF COMPETITORS API. http://my.rankinity.com/api.en
...in addition. You can get all ranks for any competitor in your project. To get all ranks for the specified competitor, please do the following:

1. Get the list of projects.
2. Get the list of competitors.
3. Get the list of ranks for the required competitor using competitor ID, Search Engin ID and your token ID.

To get ranks by the keyword you can add &search=mykeyword at the end of the API request.
When looking at search engines inside of projects, labeled "visibility_infos" in projects what are the "boost" and "value" attributes?

{u'search_engine_title': u'United States, EN', u'search_engine_name': u'google', u'boost': 1, u'value': 39, u'search_engine_id': u'52255555555555555559e'}
Value is a website visibility value (0..100%). Boost is a visibility change value.
Ok thanks! Fyi I created an open source python wrapper around the API. If you have a test account let me know and I'll write some test cases for it https://github.com/upcounsel/pyrankinity
Brad, thank you for your work! Currently, we cannot offer a free public account. Only registered users can use the API. Sorry.

I can see there is api code to fetch project but...
How do I ADD NEW PROJECT from external site?
Hello Stefan,

We currently offer API for the read only operations. Creating projects, adding keywords, etc is not available via API, yet.
ok, hopefully you will get it up and running soon. We have many clients.
Thank you and all the best!


I just released v1.0.0 of a PHP API for Rankinity. Hope you like it!


Mark, Thank you very much! Great work! We have sent you an email with a 20 USD coupon as a thanks. )

I am first time using rankinity api i dont know very much about this,How can i get visibility values in daywise?

Ankit, You can get only current visibility values for your projects using a special API command: http://my.rankinity.com/api.en#main-functions-list-of-projects . Visibility values are stored in the "visibility_infos" array.

Hi, any news on making the api writable ? Add project/keywords/competitors/... and not only read data ?

would be necessary for my project with daily adds.




All new API functions will be implemented in the new Rankinity v2.0. We are on the final stage of development, but the release date is not determined, yet.