Set track intensity per keyword or group

Mike van Hoenselaar 10 years ago updated by Rankinity 10 years ago 3
You can only set intensity of tracking per project.
I like to set it per group or even per keyword as well.
So I can make groups that are checked every day and groups that are checked every 3 days.

Obviously I want to see this per keyword if this is going to be build :).
To track keyword groups with different checking intervals you can create several projects for the same website, but with different keyword set. For each project you can set corresponding checking interval and add different competitors. If you track a lot of keywords, we recommend to concentrate on keyword groups instead of separate keywords, since it allows to spend less time for the analysis in most cases.
Too much hassle :).
Love to set it per group.
Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, we can't implement checking intervals per group right now. But we can help you to configure your account and projects manually if you will need such help. Just let us know.