settings not updating

Aaron 8 years ago updated by Rankinity 8 years ago 4

At present when I update any settings (add keywords, change keyword check interval etc) the 'loading' popup appears and it never updates.

Hello Aaron,

Please accept our apologies. We have some problems with our current hosting provider. Rankinity itself works fine, but our hosting company cannot provide us a good and reliable resources. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens :(

To solve this problem, we decided to migrate our service to a new hosting provider. It may take several days. During this time rank tracking will not work, or will work very slow. We are doing all our best to restore a usual work as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and support!


Rankinity team


I've just noticed that my scheduled checks haven't run yet and I guess it's because of this. Any timeline for this maintenance?


Please, could you give us an update regarding the current situation? When are you expecting for this to be fixed?


Dear Clients,

Good news! Rankinity completely restored and working!

But due to a long downtime we must recheck almost all keywords in our database.

It may take about 20-24 hours. After that, Rankinity will work in a regular mode.

Thank you for your patience!

Have a Good day!