Can we add more than 5 search engines?

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Can we add more search engines? Lets say 20?

Hello Adnan,

In the current Rankinity version you can add maximum 5 Search Engines per project.

Thanks. I have one more question, i do not understand this payment system of yours. I want to buy 500 search queries, but i am confused with the interval part because the price difference is very high between all the intervals. Can you please gimme a little explanation on this? Thanks

We are working in the following way:

  • We use "Pay as You Go" pricing model.
  • You add money to your account balance (via PayPal, Credit Card, Wire transfer, etc).
  • We charge money from your account balance after successful keyword checks (in real-time).
  • You can fund your account in any amount at any time.
  • You will receive invoice from our partner PayPro Global after adding money to your account.
  • When your account will run out of money, you will need to add more money.

The cost of one keyword check in one Search Engine is the following:

0,1 USD * 12 months / 365 days = 0,00328 USD

So, the cost of one-time check of 500 keywords will be the following:

500 keywords * 0,00328 USD = 1,64 USD

If you will check keywords every day, then the cost per month will be the following:

1,64 USD * 30 days = 49,2 USD

You can decrease this price by increasing the keywords checking interval. For example, if you set checking interval equal to 3 days, the price per month will be the following:

49,2 USD / 3 = 16,4 USD

Thank you very much.

So if i have 2 domains & 100 keywords for each, and targeting 35 Goolge search engines. The total number of searches will be 7000, and i will be checking the rankings only once a month. How much it will cost me? Regards.

The price for checking 200 keywords once per month in 35 Search Engines will be the following:

200 (keywords) * 35 (search engines) * 0,00328 USD = 22,96 USD (per month).