Can we get rid of that totally frustrating message that pops-up every few minutes - Our service has been updated, please click OK to refresh the page.

s blanco 8 years ago updated by Rankinity 8 years ago 1

I can't even add keywords without losing everything I've written into the field after the page reloads


Most likely the problem on your computer was caused by the corrupted or incorrect data saved in the browser cache. To solve this problem please try to clear the browser cache.

In Google Chrome you can do the following:
  1. Open the Rankinity login page http://my.rankinity.com in the browser.
  2. Then please clear the Rankinity cache in your browser, as shown on the the screenshot. To open the page Resources section in the Google Chrome, press F12 button on your keyboard (or Alt+Cmd+i for Mac) and click on the Resources tab.
  3. Refresh the Rankinity login page in the browser and open your project.

Please let us know if you will need further help.