Scheduling of Checks

libstocktrader 7 years ago updated by Rankinity 7 years ago 3

Hi Support, I like the tool. 2 Questions

1. In the future can people self schedule the check times.  Also please reset mine to 10am CET

2. Do you have detailed documentation on the advanced features like what does filter by target pages / wins or loses mean.


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1. In the new Rankinity version you will be able to set automatic checking per day, per week and per month. The check will always start at the beginning of the day, and at the early morning you will see the results. To reset your checking time you have to run a one-time check at the desired time. And the next check will start after 24 hours (for daily checks).

2. You can create a Group for the keywords and assign a target URL for this group. After that in the "Positions" section you will see a special label near each keyword of the group that indicates the status of the target URL. 

"Target page wins" status means that the target page has higher position than other visible pages and the displayed position is the position of the target page. 

"Target page loses" status means that the target page has lower position than other visible pages of your site. See the screenshot for the illustration.

Hi Support, thanks for the good advice.  I ran the one time check yesterday at 9am.  I hoped that today they would run again at 9am, but they ran again yesterday at 10pm.  They will run again today at 10pm.  Also over the last week they seem to run at 25 hour intervals meaning every day they run an hour later.  thanks for any help.

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We have made some changes on our server, and manually changed the start time of the keyword checking for your project. Now all your keywords should check between 9am and 10am. Should you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.