edrob 7 years ago updated by Rankinity 6 years ago 3

I get a decent chunk of traffic for some sites from Bing. 3 years ago you said it was planned to include Bing, but evidently it hasn't happened yet. Is it now off the agenda?There are some good features of your tool and I LOVE the flexible pricing idea, but no bing for me is a deal breaker. It means i will need to sign up for someone else instead on their traditional monthly plan.

Hello Ed,

We already have a Bing parser and plan to release it with a new Rankinity v2.0.

Here is a screenshot of a new Rankinity Add Search Engine dialog:

Thank you very much for your patience.

Have a Good day!

Nice - when wwill we see rankinity 2.0?

We plan to release new version until the end of this year.