Rankinity not updating ranking

Hitesh Gangwal 6 years ago updated by vasart 6 years ago 9

Every Monday (IST Time), I need to check ranking for my project. Today, I run one time check but tool not updated my ranking, so how it can be work.

Kindly assist asap.


Hello Hitesh,

We currently have problems with Google parsing.

The problem with one-time check is not related to the transition to a new version. The fact is that over the past week, Google has had a lot of changes, and, in particular, the filters for the frequency of search requests were tightened to a much greater degree. Because of peak loads, our IP subnets for parsing were banned one by one, and at this time we only have proxy servers from the third-party vendors which are very slow. We are doing everything possible to solve this problem as soon as possible, and we hope for your understanding and support.

same problem already for a few days, no updates at all

Rank tracking for Google now works very fast. Please try to recheck your project.

I've requested a one time check for 2 projects, nothing happens. Nothing updates in my account since 31st of May. My account romankul0997743404@yandex.ru

Rechecks in the old version do not work. Please run a one-time check in the new version only.


OK, thank you for notifying me about the new version...) I can't find in a new version one time check... Where is it?

OK, I've found it. Why you hide it this way? VERY hard to find. By the way, I can't choose the serch engines and keywords for a one time chack, only all engines and all keys...