New Rankinity version

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Dear Friends,

We are glad to inform you that we have almost finished migration to the new Rankinity version.

Here are the main differences between Rankinity v1 and v2:

V1: Works as regular website.
V2: Works as Progressive Web App 

V1: Does not work on mobile devices.
V2: Works on all mobile devices iOS, Android, Windows.

V1: Access via HTTP only.
V2: Secure access via HTTPS.

V1: Scheduled checks at fixed intervals.
V2: Scheduled checks at a specified time by the days of the week or once a month.

V1: Stores the history of the last 100 checks.
V2: Stores the history of all checks.

V1: Maximum 5 competitors in the project.
V2: Unlimited number of competitors in the project.

V1: Maximum 5 Search Engines in the project.
V2: Unlimited number of Search Engines in the project.

V1: Maximum 5000 keywords in the project.
V2: Unlimited number of keywords in the project.

V1: Keywords can be in one group only.
V2: Keywords can be in multiple groups.

V1: One-time check by Search Engines or groups.
V2: One-time check by Search Engines, groups or keywords.

V1: Supported Search Engines: Google, Google Maps, Yandex.
V2: Supported Search Engines: Google, Google Maps, Yandex, Bing.

New features:

  • Group projects by tags.
  • Select time zone for each project.
  • Export data into the PDF file.

Priority tasks:

  • Visibility analysis by all projects (done).
  • Send weekly reports by email (done).
  • Export historical ranking data into the Excel report (done).
  • Comparison of competitors on a single chart.
  • Selecting a date to compare keyword positions.

There is no detailed documentation on the new version yet, so if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please write them in this forum thread.


I believe that since your upgrade to V2, you are no longer sending the default weekly report with the visibility of all the projects. Or am I wrong? We stopped receiving them since the 21st of May. 

Can you tell us if you will reactivate this feature? We kinda miss it !

Thank you! We have added the corresponding task. Weekly reports will be implemented soon.


We have added ability to receive weekly reports with visibility values for all projects.

You can enable this option in the Account Settings: https://my.rankinity.com/account