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How do you get a ranking report for previous dates? Can't see any option except to get a report for today

Tom McSherry 10 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 13
As the title says. Can't get a ranking report for anything except today. I want a report from when I started the campaign.
Under review

Daily report per E-Mail

Jos Jonkeren 10 years ago updated by Rankinity 10 years ago 13

Wonderful tool!!
Is is possible to receive a daily "ranking report" per e-mail, with graphs?

Rankinity Roadmap

Rankinity 9 years ago updated 6 years ago 36

Dear Clients and Partners,

We plan to develop a new version of Rankinity with new architecture, design and features (based on the big data technologies). In the new version you will be able to analyze rankings, SERP, competitors, and links on the new level. We know that it is a very ambitious task and it requires a lot of resources and time. But, please rest assured, we will do all our best to implement new features within a reasonable time.

Here is our approximate roadmap (please bear in mind, these tasks and priorities may change over time):


  • New dispatcher with dynamic load balancing (done).
  • New database structure with ability store more ranking data (done).
  • Ability to track unlimited number of competitors (done).
  • Ability to track unlimited number of Search Engines (done).
  • HTTPS support for my.rankinity.com and for White Labels (done).


  • New interface implementation based on the web components (done).
  • New interface design based on the material design specs (done).
  • Mobile version of the Rankinity dashboard (done).

Features (with high priority)

  • Ability to add keywords to multiple groups (done).
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly keyword checking intervals (done).
  • One-time check for certain keywords (done).
  • View full ranking history on graph (for all dates) (done).
  • Ability to compare keyword positions for any date.
  • Ability to compare website visibility with competitors on the single graph.

Thank You for Your support!


Sort on search volume (per country)

Mike van Hoenselaar 10 years ago updated by Rankinity 6 years ago 16
I like to sort all of the keywords of a project by search volume of the search engine I have set.
So I can see what my most valuable keywords are that are doing well and which are not.

This is relevant eEspecially when I import keywords from GWT. Which we did :).
Then you have a lot of keywords in there that are not relevant enough to keep track of.

API discussion

Rankinity 10 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 33
This section is proposed to discuss the service API. If you have any questions or suggestions about the Rankinity API, please write us. API description available here: http://my.rankinity.com/api.en

Any plans to add Bing?

Terry Pierce 9 years ago updated by Rankinity 6 years ago 4

Estimated search volume of a specific key word

Markus Land 9 years ago updated by Mike van Hoenselaar 9 years ago 3
A column that shows the estimated search volume of a specific key word (from adwords)

make collaborators read-only

Rene Klein 10 years ago updated by Rankinity 10 years ago 2
this is fantastic ranking software, one of the best I came across, and I surely hope you will continue developing and improving it! I'm looking forward to the report improvements which were suggested by Jos, and it would be also great if there could be some kind of read-only collaborator user, so I can give access to clients without the possibility they ruin up my settings.

can not login the site

Phill Jones 8 years ago updated by Rankinity 8 years ago 3